Whether you need help defining a new career path, balancing your current work-life, or therapy for mental health, I'm here to help. 



As a certified re-career coach, I can help you examine your career path and develop a personalized self-care plan so that you thrive in, not just survive your career.


I provide therapy services to individuals, groups and couples with problems related to health, mental health and career. Life crises, depression, grief and substance abuse can all get better faster with professional help.


I provide coaching and consulting to executives, managers and professionals in achieving career goals and work/life balance.

It's hard to be healthy when working in healthcare...


Demanding Healthcare professions require special attention to work-life balance. Whether you are considering a career change, or a new manager, or leading a team, career coaching and consultation can provide you with confidential guidance and an opportunity to discuss your options. As well as practice and develop new skills.




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